Report from Club Meeting 13th May 2024

The main objective on the night was to select and advise refinement options on trees for the “Bonsai by the Sea” event at Exmouth on the 9th of June. We have tried to select at least some trees that have not been shown there before just to mix it up a little.

We trimmed Alan’s trident maple ready for the show and discussed his pot choice for his larch.

Darren brought a Chinese elm for the show and also worked on two of his Deshojo maples.

Mick brought in a (Japanese?) yew for help and advice from Roy but he had been unable to get to the meeting due to issues with his van.

Dave brought in a tidy little Chinese elm which we photographed (among others) for our instagram page.

We did some work on Berice’s fuscia and selected her Korean hornbeam for display having successfully removed the wire holding a saw-cut bend in place. She also had a Chinese elm that, like so many others, has suffered branch die-back.

I brought four trees that I will chose two from closer to the show date, plus Jon has submitted two trees for consideration, one of which will be chosen after refinement work.

This means six trees are so far selected plus we will no doubt have a couple from Roy. I suspect that eight trees will be about right for the space as most of them are not particularly large.